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Join us and become a Tealogy Family!

With over a decade of experience in the industry, TEALOGY - 日日裝茶 is committed to crafting their ingredients by hand. They have merged Japanese handmade tea with Taiwan's unique hand-shaken tea culture, creating a unique combination. The brand's vision is based on "mutual benefit and success," and they are looking for like-minded partners who value hand-crafting drinks to join them in building a distinctive tea brand in the U.S. market. Their ultimate goal is to ensure that every consumer can indulge in a good cup of tea every day.

We are actively seeking partners who share a deep passion for Taiwanese milk tea to collaborate with us in promoting the culture of Taiwanese milk tea! Whether you aspire to own your own milk tea shop or want to partner with us side by side, we extend a sincere invitation for you to join our team.

擁有超過十年的行業經驗,TEALOGY - 日日裝茶致力於手工製作他們的原料。我們將日本手工茶融合了台灣獨特的手搖茶文化,創造出獨特的結合。品牌的願景建立在"互利共贏"的基礎上,我們正在尋找志同道合、重視手工調製飲品的合作夥伴,共同在美國市場打造獨具特色的茶品牌。我們的最終目標是確保每位消費者都能每天品嘗到美味的一杯茶。



Our brand stands out with its emphasis on high-quality tea leaves. Each cup is crafted from meticulously selected high-quality tea leaves. Whether you're a tea connoisseur or a novice, we offer a variety of tea choices to cater to diverse taste preferences.


Key Features of Our Brand

1. Handcrafted Toppings
At TEALOGY, we believe that milk tea is more than just a beverage; it represents a delightful experience. We are committed to handcrafting our toppings to ensure that every sip is filled with freshness, deliciousness, and a unique texture.


2. Handcrafted Tiger Sugar 
Tiger Sugar is the heart and soul of our milk tea, meticulously handcrafted with care. Our Tiger Sugar enhances the deliciousness of the milk tea, and each cup exudes the rich flavor of Taiwan.


3. Natural Ingredients

We believe in serving a healthier choice. Our commitment to using natural, additive-free ingredients allows your customers to enjoy milk tea in its purest form, guilt-free.


4. Modern and Minimalist Store Design

Our store design adopts a modern minimalist style, combining aesthetics with practicality. The design can be tailored to your preferences, ensuring that it's both easy to maintain and visually appealing.


5. Flexible Supply Chain

Our brand offers a flexible supply chain, providing local and international logistics services. No need to stockpile large quantities of inventory; you can order based on your shop's specific needs.


6. Efficient Production Process

We've established a unique and highly efficient production process that ensures quality and consistency while keeping labor costs at a minimum. This means you can maintain product quality and stability, no matter the economic circumstances.


Join us and let's make Taiwanese milk tea a sensation in North America! If you have a passion for Taiwanese milk tea, a love for high-quality tea leaves, and enthusiasm for handcrafted toppings, then we are the partners you've been seeking. Join us now to bring the allure of Taiwanese milk tea to the mainstream market in North America!


Application Process

Our commitment lies in delivering high-quality tea beverages, and we have outlined our brand's dream blueprint. Despite the highly competitive and constantly evolving tea market, we strive to break free from the beverage market's limits. We may progress slowly, but we move forward steadily, always looking toward the future. We welcome partners who share our vision and are willing to collaborate with us.

Step 1

Complete the Franchise Application

Step 2

Qualification process by TEALOGY U.S. HQ.

Step 3

We will contact you via phone or email.

Step 4

Visit our retail store & taste our drinks

Step 5

Sign the Franchise Contract to protect the exclusive right to franchise in the area

Step 6

Store Location Searching/ Get lease of approved


Step 7

In-person Store Operation training

Step 8

Preparing for Soft Opening / Grand Opening

Application Process

Franchise Inquiry (加盟咨询)
Already have a location in mind?
Are you going to run this business personally? (您打算亲自经营这个业务吗?)

Thank you for your interest! We'll review the application and be in touch soon.

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